Continuous and Discrete Rasters

Discussion created by davejunor on Jun 3, 2012
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I'm using Reclassify on two grids that I would like to then merge.  Prior to Reclassify the grids are discrete.  The Reclassify function outputs the grids as continuous.  The Reclassify is being used to assign integer values of 1 - 27 in the first grid and integer values of 100 - 127 in the second grid.  When I use the Mosaic to New Raster tool my output contains a single raster that only contains the values of the first grid in the attribute table.  If I display the output raster using the Unique option I only see the 1 - 27 values but if I stretch it the raster will display correctly and I'm able to see the correct values (100 - 127) using the Identify tool in the Data View.

I'm not sure what's going on here.  One thought is that using the continuous rasters from the Reclassify as input to the Mosaic to Raster is causing the problem?  Has anyone run into this?  Is there a way to convert a continuous raster to a discrete raster?

Thanks for your time.