GenerateRenderer for Simple Rendering

Discussion created by blaird on Jun 1, 2012
I am not sure that the new GenerateRenderer will do what I am trying to accomplish.  I would like to change the rendering on specific layers within an existing dynamic map service.  I would like users to be able to change polygon fills, point symbols, turn on/off labelling, etc.  I would like to make changes both using simple renders and thematic renders.  I do realize that I can do this via client side rending with a Feature Service, but I have a number of changes that I would like made dynamically to map layers. 

Does the GenerateRender operation support changing the layer symbology beyond a classification (i.e. Unique Classification)?  Specifically can I send a request to the server to turn off the map labels for a specific layer?  If yes, is there sample code out there which shows this?