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Discussion created by jestanford on Jun 1, 2012
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Hi Forum,
I've just converted this sample to VB.Net for Arc 10 -> One To Many Labels

It went fairly smoothly but I have two questions:

1. How can I get a hold of the property page that is currently active in the property sheet? What I really want to do is determine whether or not my custom property page is the one that's visible. I know I can get the currently active index from the property sheet but how I can I tell which page that is? Is there a way to get an enum of the property pages in a property sheet?

2. The sample adds a new annotation expression engine to the labeling expression page. In the 9.3 sample an entry is added to the "Parser" dropdown selector with the name of the new engine, so that it can be selected by the user. In my converted project the parser is added to the dropdown and functions correctly but it's blank - the name doesn't appear. My custom parser implements the IAnnotationExpressionEngine interface and correctly implements the Name property. I can see it's set when I'm debugging. In 10, what property is used to display the name of the new parser? Here's the code for the property:

Private ReadOnly Property Name() As String Implements ESRI.ArcGIS.Carto.IAnnotationExpressionEngine.Name
            On Error GoTo ErrHand
            Name = "One To Many"

            Exit Property
            MsgBox("IAnnotationExpressionEngine_Name - " & Err.Description)
        End Get
    End Property

Many thanks for any suggestions you have,