gridIndexFeature in python

Discussion created by nimitz on May 25, 2012
Latest reply on May 30, 2012 by kimo
Hey all,
I'm trying to use the examples in ARCGIS 10 in the Cartography toolbox to create an index grid for a project. I've tried in the Python window in the Arcview map that I'm using. This example is from the online help. I'm using example 4 (I think it's the easiest). Here is my code:
>>>import arcpy
>>> from arcpy import env
>>> arcpy.env.workspace = "C:\GIS_Data\Conversions\West.shp"
>>>arcpy.GridIndexFeatures_cartography("gridIndexFeatures", "", "", "", "",
                                                   "1000 meters", "1000 meters",
                                                   "-13511019.861", "4649745.391",
                                                   "20", "20")

Here is my error.
"Runtime error <class 'arcgisscripting.ExecuteError'>: ERROR 000622: Failed to execute (Grid Index Features). Parameters are not valid. ERROR 000628: Cannot set input into parameter origin_coord."

I think it's the input origin coordinate, BUT I looked on the dataview and put my cursor pretty close to where I needed. I tried switching the x,y position and nothing either.

This is NOT my preferred coordinate system, but I'd like to use this dataset anyways. I just needed to make a 20x20 grid about 1000m in dimensions.

I'd prefer to do this in Python Win or IDLE, but that's not working either.

Any help is appreciated.