ArcGIS 10, SP4 VBA String Variables limited to 250 characters long

Discussion created by rfairhur24 Champion on May 23, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2012 by rfairhur24
For some reason, VBA scripts I have used for years can now only store 250 characters in a string variable.  I know that String variables used to be ablle to hold at least 2048 characters.  I have used a watch variable and verified that string variables stop appending charaters after 250 characters have been added to the string.  250 characters is too short to create many of my WhereClause Strings and causes many of my VBA feature selection queries to fail.  My VBA scripts continue to work as long as all of the strings created in the script are 250 characters long or less.

I think this limitation may have been introduced with ArcGIS 10, SP 3.  Can anyone else test whaterver ArcGIS 10 Service Pack they have and report the maximum number of characters they can store in a VBA String variable?  I need to know the last Service Pack where strings held about 2,048 characters so I can roll my installation back (at least until my scripts are converted to VB.Net).

I originally thought I had installed SP 4, but in fact I am using SP 3, so that is where the limit seems to have occurred for me.