Cluster mapping

Discussion created by andyn01 on May 23, 2012

I am new to Arcmap and I am looking for a bit of advice with trying to analyse some spatial data. Basically I have a point shapefile which contains coordinates for different sites in Scandinavia. At each of these sites I have a value which describes the magnitude of a trend for the climate phenomena of lakes freezing and the direction it is in from regression analysis in Excel. e.g. a value of -4 would say that the lake over the time period is freezing up 4 days earlier, or a value of +6 would indicate it is freezing up 6 days later of the course of the time period.

What I am looking for is some advice on how to analyse this data spatially. I have produced interpolated surface maps which allow me to view areas where the trends are stronger or areas where the direction of the trends are similar etc by eye but I would like to computationally analyse this as well as I think it might be more effective.

Would anybody be able to offer any advice on which spatial analysis tools I should look to be using?

Many thanks