Netwok Analyst - Joining multiple network datasets

Discussion created by on May 10, 2010
Latest reply on May 11, 2010 by jsandhu-esristaff
First, thanks for reading this thread.

Due to ESRI documentation, when the data changes the network dataset must be rebuilt.
In a small net, it is no problem because this process takes a couple of seconds/minutes.
But in my case, with a huge net (1/2 million square kilometers of roads/streets), it takes several hours.

In order to minimize this problem, the net has been divided into subnetwork datasets. So, when we have to rebuild a net, we rebuild the subnetwork and not the entire net.

And heres come the questions*:

1) Is there any way to join the subnetwork datasets into unique network?
2) Is there any other way to minimize the rebuild of a huge net?

Thank you in advance.
Best regards.

(*) We are using ArcGIS 9.3.1