Text file output of spatial dataset connection paths

Discussion created by umbuku80 on May 14, 2012
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I have to consolidate 70+ ARC Map 10 MXDs which have their spatial data files spread over a network and various local hard disks.

I need a tool or script that can output the data pathway for all classes used in each MXD as a text file that has the same information as the list that appears in Arc Catalog 'Set Data Sources'. A text file would be preferable so I can then drop it into MS Access or Excel to assess and compare. I need to see drive/folder/subfolder locations for all spatial data from each MXD in order to easily locate and then move these stray datasets into a consolidated geodatabase.

Our office had a home written script for Arc 9.3 that did this but we have now upgraded to ARC 10 and the tool does not work.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated and save me a lot of time manually copying all the data paths for every shape file.