ArcObjects Extension and COM Interop Problem

Discussion created by pipatesr1 on May 11, 2012
Latest reply on May 14, 2012 by Neil
I have developed two extensions for ArcGIS ArcMap 10 using VB.net in Visual Studio. Both extensions use another DLL that I have developed call gis.dll that contains some basic ArcObjects utility functions. I am getting problems when both extensions are deployed to the same computer. The extensions seem to get confused when different versions of the gis.dll are deployed with each extension. They end up referencing the wrong copy of the gis.dll. i.e. My extensions are released to users at different times. The version of the gis.dll included with each extension may be different. I am getting errors when one of the extensions attempts to access the wrong copy of the gis.dll.

I am deploying my extensions using an MSI install pack, developed using Visual Studio. Do I need to register the gis.dll for COM Interop? I currently have this option disabled and suspect that the extensions are not referencing the copy of the gis.dll deployed to same folder as the DLL.