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How can I input several files for tools in arcobject?

Question asked by iaminsu12 on May 11, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2012 by kenbuja

How can I input several shp files or feature classes for tools?

for example, if I implement code for 'Intersect' tool to intersect shp files: testA.shp, testB.shp

Intersect Inter = new Intersect(); Inter.in_features = features;  Inter.out_feature_class = 'result.shp';  gp.Execute(Inter, null);

How can I input 'testA.shp' and 'testB.shp' as parameters for 'in_features' ?

I know how input single object: @"C:\data\aaa.shp" . like this. I know.

But I cannot find any document for multiple features. other answers just repeat see reference and sample. I saw them, but I could not figure out because all of samples only showed single parameter!

I tried 'List' of files, 'Array' of files, and just , or ; but all of them failed to compile.