How to get Table Name from TOC

Discussion created by jvickrey79 on May 10, 2012
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I'm using C# to get the actual datasourcename of each layer in the Table of Contents of an MXD (example: sde.SomeDatabase.Cities is the datasourcename for the Cities Table).  My code is blowing up when I try to capture this datasourcename so is my code not right or are there better ways to capture this name for a Table?

                            IStandaloneTable pStTable;
                            ITable pFromTable;
                            ILayer pTableLayer;
                            IDataLayer pDatalyr;

                            pTabCollection = pMap as IStandaloneTableCollection;
                            for (int u = 0; u < pTabCollection.StandaloneTableCount; u++)
                                pFromTable = pTabCollection.StandaloneTable[u] as ITable;
                                pDatalyr = pFromTable as IDataLayer;
                                string test = pDataLayer.DataSourceName.ToString().ToUpper(); //Code blowing up here

                                //.......... additional code