View Joined to Feature Class not returning Data to KML feed

Discussion created by jberg@ipspark.com on May 8, 2012
Latest reply on May 8, 2012 by jberg@ipspark.com
I have a simple map document that I am trying to serve as KML data using ArcGIS server.  I have a line feature class that I am joining to a database view all within a SQL SDE database.  I join based on an id field and then use the values from the view to set the symbols for the feature class.  This works perfectly in ArcMap and also it works great for the flex viewer to allow me to update the data in one place and have the GIS interface pull the updates using the view.  What isn't working is that when I try and pull the KML I get the right number of elements returned but they are all empty.  If I remove the view I get the feature class returned like it should be but as soon as I join the database view from my SDE database I no longer get any fields filled in on the KML file.  To be clear it is being returned as a KMZ file.  I'm not sure if I am missing something when I publish the map or not.  Any one else run into this?