Zonal Histogram fails to create table

Discussion created by prieger on May 4, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2018 by cicerocasj
When running the Zonal Histogram tool, the Results window say the tool executes successfully after 4.5 hours, but the output table is not created. Right clicking on the output table in the Results window gives the options "add to display" and "copy location"; the first does nothing and the second has the right path and filename but the file doesn't exist.
Here's the really puzzling part:  There are no error messages. 
Has anyone run into this before?

I've tried Zonal Histogram many different ways for this task, and nothing works well.  Outputting to a table in a file gdb worked once, but then ArcMap and ArcCatalog choke trying to export the output table to DBF.

ArcGIS 10 sp4
Input zones:  a layer that is a subset of polygons from a polygon shapefile
Input raster:  a large (16 GB) IMG raster
desired output table:  DBF file stored to a directory (not a geodatabase). Table should have 251 fields (yes, carefully chosen to respect the 255 field limit for dbf).