Is it possible to lock a single feature from editing in ArcObjects?

Discussion created by kor_ on May 4, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2012 by jhauck-esristaff
We're developing an add-in to ArcMap 10. Now we need to implement a functionality that locks a single feature (or geometry) from editing.

1. User A starts editing a feature X.
2. The feature X is locked from editing by all other users.

In step 1 I need to set the lock. How do I do that? Can I use sde.SDE_state_locks or sde.SDE_object_locks tables somehow?
In step 2 I need to read the lock state for an object and show a message about the lock (who, when). How can this be done?

We're using both a geodatabase and an SDE database (Oracle).

I don't need a whole solution here. Just some tips and hints to point me to the right direction, because I'm quite new to ArcObjects :)