Possible to change legend description from a script? Python or C#?

Discussion created by Toolman101 on May 2, 2012
Latest reply on May 7, 2012 by Toolman101
I have a mxd project where layers will be turned on and off as needed.

When the layers will be turned on, they will have valid times.  Example:
Valid 8:00 PM Monday Sept. 24
Until 6:00 AM Tuesday Sept. 25

As you see, the valid start/end will be on 2 lines, which can only be accomplished through the legend description.  Legend label will only allow text to display on 1 line, which won't work.

A Layer file is no good due to the unlimited number of possibilities for the valid start/end times.

Is there a way in any scripting language (python, C#, etc.) that you can access the legend description and make changes?  If so, could you please provide a example of code?

Thanks very much for any help I can get.