Click/Populate Script for Modeling

Discussion created by raj4gis on May 1, 2012
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GIS Gurus,

I am a baseline GIS user and unfortunately not too knowledgeable/savvy in scripts/advance programming.  I'm looking for a script (or any other advice you can provide) that will automate a rather tedious process that I've encountered...

I have a point feature class with over 1000 unique entries, each representing a node in a water network.  Each node has a Node ID associated with it.  I am creating a polygon feature class which contains areas contributing to each node.  Ideally, I would like a script which allows me to draw the polygon and then prompts me to click on which node the polygon is associated with.  This selection would in turn populate a field in the polygon feature class with the Node ID.

Does anybody have anything they can share that would accomplish this?  Or know where I can start?  Thanks in advance!