Table calculations using Model Builder

Discussion created by pronaus on May 1, 2012
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I have used Network Analyst to create a model that has resources going from Demand to Facility, with a set number of demand points and a variable number of facilities.  I have a model in Model Builder that solves this problem, but I need to do several calculations on the solution.

Each line from Demand to facility has a weight, and time associated with it.  I want to use Model Builder to sum these up for the lines that end in the same location.  The lines all have a field that contains ONLY the destination, so I want to separate the table by those values.

Is there a way to use Model Builder to sum up all the times and weights for Dest1, Dest2, Dest3 etc.?  I want to find the total amount of weight that ends up at the different destinations, and the total amount of time necessary to get all of it there.

Thanks a bundle,

Nathan S.