Problem with `Find address or location'

Discussion created by johnsonbradya on Apr 25, 2012
Has anyone had problems loading the `Find address or location' box on ArcPad Mobile? When I click the button, part of the dialog box appears but not any part where you can see what you are typing or what you can select. I can select the keyboard and type to search but have no idea what search field I am typing in. It does not seem to `freeze'. The bottom menu showing `Address, intersection, POI and City' tabs shows up and I can navigate to each but there is no dialog box shown above. The screen looks as if the box is half loaded (I can still see the map on the main screen).

Everything works fine on the Desktop version.

ArcPad 10.0 R3
ArcPad StreetMap 8.0 Extension
Windows Handheld 6.5 Professional on a Trimble Juno SB