AXMap GUI Control Problem on WinForms Host

Discussion created by Jastro on Apr 23, 2012

I've got a problem displaying AxMapControl used to display ReconcileConflicts on a MapDocument.

There are two WinFormsHosts on a usercontrol. Everyone shows a AxMapControl.

  • Conflicted Features are properly loaded into a ListView. After this every AxMapControl loads a mxdocument

  • After finished creating the window the workspace version of the mapcontrols is changed to one of the virtual reconcile versions.

    • First shows current state of the user.

    • The other one shows state of the parent version.

Problem is, that the UI of the Window is corrupt and the other thing is, that I had a layer of a ArcGIS MapServer on the mxdoc file which is not more visible in TOC Control.

Seems like the AxMapControl is doing this. I found out if I don't "setBuddyControl" of the TOC and the ToolBarControl it works better but still kills the UI of the window. Map is still not usable.

Are there any problems known like mine? Hope there are some specialists who know something about. Maybe you can also tell me how to dispose a AxMapControl when closing the window and reopen. Data seems to stay in memory in some case. Only one I've found was a ADF Class which seems not to be used for usual windows apps.

Thanks in advance!