Focal statistics problem

Discussion created by GSCUser85 Champion on Apr 18, 2012
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I have some DEM (elevation raster) data in a file geoDB.
Its a bit noisy, so I wanted to fiddle with some filters to try and "improve" it a little.

The spatial ref is UTM metres. Its a 32bit float, with a perfectly normal range of values (from 250m up 560m).
It has LZ77 compression and stats and pyramids are done.

So I opened the Focal stats tool to do a bit of processing.
But when I enter the raster name at the top, the list of avalable statistics for the output automatically shortens and only leaves the Mean, Min, Max, Range, Std & Sum options.
The other options which dissappear are Majority, Minority, Median & Variety.

Of course I want to put a median filter through this data but can't.

Can anybody tell me why the tool will not let me run the focal process with the MEDIAN option selected?
Been scratching my head for 1hr already, and I am sure I have sucessfully used a median filter before, but can't now!!!

Thanks in anticipation,

Oh and I'm on Arc10 SP3, Win7 Pro 64bit