Batch raster calculator?

Discussion created by elgabbas on Apr 17, 2012
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I have around 1000 raster image files (.img) and I need to use some map algebra functions with them (mainly repetitively adding some of these layers together) and need to use the model builder to make it easier for me to run it. Is it available to use raster calculator functions in model builder and use a pre-prepared input functions and output destinations (using concatenate functions in exel). I am using ArcMAP 10.

That is a samples of what I need:
"J:\sp1\sp1_Thresholded_0_3.img" + "J:\sp1\sp1_A2a_2020_Thresholded.img" ==> J:\sp1\sp1_CCCMA_A2a_2020_GainLoss.img

I will repeat the previous steps more than 1000 times and it will take me huge time to run them individulaly.

Any help will be appreciated,