Editing arcinfo polygon attribute tabel with VBA

Discussion created by jtslbarnes on Apr 13, 2012
I have an old ArcView 3.2a project that will allow me to select a theme in a list (from an arcinfo coverage), choose a field in the theme's FAT from a list then select a feature (line, point, or polygon) on the map then update the field value for that feature via a user input box.

Can someonw point me in the right direction to do this in ArcInfo Desktop 9.2 with VBA?

The old avenue code in the ArcView 3.2a project mentioned above was made up of about 60 lines of code.  From what I have done up to this point with VBA in Desktop I would be surprised if I could accomplish this in under 200 lines of code.  Does this type of thing make any sense to anyone out there?


John B