[SOLVED]Selection Based on % Crossing Layer Border

Discussion created by jmadero on Apr 13, 2012
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Hi All,
First post, thanks in advance. Wasn't positive where to put this thread so I apologize in advance if this is the wrong place.

My situation is that I have two polygon layers in my project. Layer A has large polygons while Layer B has much smaller polygons which for the most part are completely contained within individual polygons of Layer A. There are some (<10%) of Layer B polygons that cross over a border of a Layer A polygon. In 99% of these cases the crossover is minuscule and doesn't matter for my purposes. What I need to select are only polygons from Layer B that have at least some % OR some # of acres in two or more polygons from Layer A. If I do a selection just based on crossing over Layer A's border I get all of the ones that the crossover is much too small for me to care about them so I get a huge false positive (in terms of what I need). Because there are 1.2 million polygons in Layer B, even a false positive for 10% of the polygons is too much to manually check.

If I'm not being clear I can rephrase, I appreciate any help as automating this process will make my life a lot easier