Creating Many Shapefiles/Features using Python/Model Builder from one Shapefile.

Discussion created by mfosterla on Apr 10, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2012 by sxt128130
We have a .shp with thousands of tracts each with specific number (i.e. tract 1, 2, 3....etc). Each tract has multiple contract numbers. (i.e. tract 1 = contract A, B, C...etc.) The contracts are in one field based on the tract number. Many of the contracts share tracts, but we want to see what each contract holds.

IS there a way to take the contracts and create them as individual shapefiles from the Tract shapefile. For example, we want to take contract A and all of the tracts associated with it to a shapefile.

We are new to python and any help would be helpful.

We are using Arc 10 and have version 2.6 of python