Deploy custom dll Arcobjects 10

Discussion created by louisarg on Apr 8, 2012
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i've been having this problem which i can't get a solution for. I have created a custom dll command
tool in Visual Studio 2008 using the installed arcgis developer kit templates in the visual studio.
The arcobjects dll is a command tool which opens a form and takes some input data and then returns some
results after some geoprocessing tasks executed.
To deploy the tool i use the ESRiRegasm.exe utility and the tool appears in the categories manager of ArcGIS Desktop
and is executed ok in my computer.
The problem is when i try to deploy the dll in another users ArcGIS. I manage to register the dll and the command tool appears
in the commands categories but when i click on it the form doesn't show at all. when i tried to debug the dll it doesn't return
any error. After some investigation i reached the conclusion that the command tool only function in computer with the ArcGIS developer Kit for
.NET installed nowhere else. This is a bit strange as a custom dll packs all necessary libraries files needed in order to register.
I think i'm doing something wrong in this deployment procedure.
Any help is much appreciated

Thank you