Toolbar Button to Run VBA Macro in All of my ArcMap Maps

Discussion created by dwolford on Apr 6, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2012 by jeffhamblin
I have a VBA macro named "Normal.ThisDocument.ProportionSplit" that will take input (a column of asbuilt lengths) from Excel and then proportionately split a polyline into the appropriate lengths proportionately (I have ArcView not Editor or Info that is why I am doing this).  The code I have currently works and does what I need it to do.  I want to make this VBA macro run from a toolbar button (preferably with a custom image rather than a smiley face) that will be accesible in every ArcMap document/Map that I have (ie everytime I run the program).  I can very easily create a button that will work in my current map by just Customize->Customize Mode ->Commands Tab ->[Macros]->Normal.ThisDocument.ProportionSplit and dragging this macro to the toolbar.  The problem is that this button will only be availble in the current Map and not subsequent maps that I create unless I repeat this process.  Do I need to recreate this project in Visual Studio? Or is there another way.

I have Visual Basic Express 2008 and 2010.  I also have the ArcObjects SDK installed, but I installed it prior to Installing Visual Basic Express 2008 so the Arc Templates aren't present.

Thanks for any and all help.