Error using OD cost matrix as CSV executable.

Discussion created by kylehubbard on Apr 2, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2012 by pstevens-esristaff
I am calculating the travel time and distance between a series of points using the OD cost matrix solver in the Network Analyst extension. I have a large number of Origins and Destinations so I batch processed the solver using the "Network Analyst Origin-Destination Cost Matrix as CSV" created by Patrick Stevens and found at this link.

My issue is that I get different results when using the solver in ArcMap as compared to the executable file above. The difference is that for a subset of the data the executable file produces no results for every combination of origin-destination while the solver in ArcMap produces the distance and time for some of the origin-destination combinations.

As far as I can tell I am putting the exact same data set into each process. I add my origins and destinations to the OD-Cost Matrix layer and save it as a layer and use the command line to run the executable file. I use the same layer in ArcMap and select solve which produces different results.

I would expect some combinations of origin-destinations to be non-routable, as they are on islands. But this doesnt explain why the executable file fails to calculate the distance and time between the combinations that are routable. I dont know where to begin to troubleshoot and determine where the error occurs with the executable file. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.