Editing shapefiles with Python

Discussion created by chagan02 on Apr 1, 2012
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Hello folks.  I had a post over on the general forum about how to round values using the field calculator.  I got the answer I was looking for but was referred to this board to ask a question about python. 

I have to edit a series of shapefiles (about 100).  They all have the same field labels.  I need to add a field, and then round a certain field we will call "X", to the nearest five, and populate the new field with those values.  The formula I was given was  "Round([X]/5.0, 0) * 5.0".  I have a some experience working with arcpy and python, however I have never used it to modify a shapefile.  Can someone help me out with the script I would use to do what I have described above so i can then write it into a loop and do the work on all my shapefiles.  I can handle the loop part.  Thanks!