recognition tool for arcgis

Discussion created by bogdanpalade on Mar 29, 2012
Hello to all,

I have an idea of creating a recognition tool for arcgis by using a database with all the dimensions needed. For example, lets say that you want to know the model of an airplane that you see on an aerial photography. You measure the length and the wingspan, introduce how many engines you see and other details and the tool filters a database with all these measures and shows you the most probable airplane models.
I usually program with python but as I understood the proper way to do this is by using visual studio, and I have no experience with it. Can you tell me if what I described above is feasible to do with visual studio, and if so..could you please give me some hints on what to use and how to get started. If you know some similar project I would be grateful if you could direct me to it.

Many thanks,