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Extracting elliptical properties from TrackCircle() geometry

Question asked by Adjutant on Mar 29, 2012
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Previously, in the wonderful adventures of Map Objects V2, getting the radius and centroid of a user tracked circle on the map was as easy as calling a line-liner:

  Ellipse ellipse = map.TrackCircle();   TheCakeIsReal(ellipse.Center, ellipse.radius);

In Arc Objects 10, the universal forces of ESRI and Wheatley incorporated have decided to makes things a little more interesting.

> Searched the forums for TrackCircle, but the 3 hits ( don't elaborate on extracting properties of the returned geometry.
> The official API ( also has a wonderful little description : "TrackCircle returns a geometry object that implements IPolygon.".
> Having a look at older forums ( brings me a bit closer to the lost treasure of Atlantis, but they are calling a method called 'SetGeometry' on CircleElement, which no longer exists in the ArcObjects 10 API... and has been wiped off the ISurface of existence.
> I see that GeoEllipse is part of the Military Defence solutions extension - but I would like to be able to extract simple ellipse/circle properties without installing an extension to plan for world war 3.

Tried the following to extract elliptical properties, but all three test candidates realize that the cake is a lie when they have to face the truth that they are not compatible with the returned geometry (polyline) :
      IPolygon polygon = mapControl.TrackCircle() as IPolygon;        CircularArc circularArc = polygon as CircularArc;       CircleElement circleElement = polygon as CircleElement;       RubberCircle rubberCircle = polygon as RubberCircle;               //... circularArc.CenterPoint ?       //... circularArc.Radius ?       

Once again, could someone please point me in the right direction (for this apparently trivial operation)?