Creating Watersheds Based on Stream Order

Discussion created by topological_dangles on Mar 26, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2012 by skopp-esristaff

I have created a river network for a fairly large area (1,014,142.15 km2) using 90-meter SRTM tiles. This river network was not created with ArcHydro tools, but with standard Spatial Analyst Hydrology tools.

The stream order of the derived river network ranges from 1 to 7 (Strahler). I would like to delineate watersheds for each stream for each stream order. That is, I want watersheds for each stream classified as 1, each stream classified as 2, and so on all the way up to 7. Manually creating the pour points for each stream is a rather tedious and time-consuming process. Is there a way to identify unique pour points for each stream?

I would like to avoid identifying one pour point per junction. For example, at the junction of two class 5 rivers I would like to have two points - one identifying the pour point for the first river and the other identifying the pour point of the second, so that two distinct watersheds are created.  Is there a tool or process by which I can create such unique pour points as opposed to doing it manually?

Thanks very much.