Problem updating tableview broken data sources.

Discussion created by mzcoyle on Mar 21, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2015 by lelabach
I have several mxds with broken data sources to SDE after a database move. I am running a script to update the broken data sources and keep getting an error on broken links to table views. All other layers update correctly.

Here is the error I get
Runtime error <type 'exceptions.ValueError'>: StandaloneTableObject: Unexpected error

Here's the relevant code where I am getting the error.
brokenlist = arcpy.mapping.ListBrokenDataSources(mxd)
for lyr in brokenlist:
    if ".sde" in lyr.dataSource:
            lyr.replaceDataSource(new_datasource, "SDE_WORKSPACE",

Has anyone encountered this or know a work around?

Edit: I've tried it with and without the specified.