unable to change mouse pointer in arcgis engine application  --  axToolbarControl

Discussion created by linch12 on Mar 16, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2012 by Adjutant
I have this windows application built with ArcGIS engine 10. in the form I have couple of buttons, a map control and a axToolbarControl. once a item on the axToolbarControl is clicked for example ZoomIn button, the mouse pointer change to the ZoomIn icon which is good. I have this button when user click on it, they can start adding a point on the map. I want to change the mouse pointer to arrow after user clicks the button. here is what i did

1. when the button is clicked, set the map toolmode to be 1
2. in mouseMove event, if toolmode == 1, set the mousepointer to be arrow: axMapControl1.MousePointer = esriControlsMousePointer.esriPointerArrow;
3. in map mousedown event, if toolmode = 1, do things....

the mouse pointer remained ZoomIn. i can't seem to change it to another one.
Any help?
Thanks very much