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create feature class in an add-in

Question asked by Bradberry on Mar 7, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2012 by Bradberry

I think that I figured out the problem that I am having, but not the solution.  I have an add-in that creates a feature class if it does not exist.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it gives a com error. I finally came to the conclusion that when the default.gdb (or the outpath) has a path in the name (as in windows xp default location) the createfeatureclass_management call has a com error.  When you work on a windows 7 computer without a space in the default.gdb it works fine.  Of course the developer computer was windows 7 and always worked, but the users computers had failures. 

My question is how do you submit the CreateFeatureClass_Management geoprocess when the outpath path has a space in it?  I know you can do it from ArcMap, but how does it work in the add-in?

Thanks, Chris