Prepare data for ???import??? and folder infrastructure in the CE project

Discussion created by hlzhang525 on Mar 4, 2012
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Dear Matthias Buehler and others,

After touching CE 2011.1 for a while and practicing some clips (small models and samples), we plan to move onto a real project, that is, generation of 3D scene for one of our communities (6 by 6 KM) . But, we are still not quite clearer on proper data preparation/ import/ folder structure. So, we are seeking your advices from the beginning so that we can correctly set up an operational project to create this 3D scene. (Honestly, within the documentation, many of its CE terminologies are quite different than what we are familiar with).

Currently, we have DEM (TIFF) & airphotos covering this community (TIFF), many 'building' photos for texturing, roads and building footprints. We would like to start with those data to 'import' into CE project. The questions mainly focus on the file preparation and (folder) infrastructure:

  • How big size for each imagery/airphoto data file we should prepare for ???import???? 1 GB, 100 MB, or 10 MB? Is the format TIFF suitable enough?

  • Should we consider ???images or airphotos??? as ???surface??? texture when ???import??? DEM into CE? If not, how can we prepare ???surface texture??? overlaid onto DEM for the scene generation?

  • Where (which folder) can the ???building??? textures (photos) be put? What kind of texture photo formats should be organized?

  • 2D roads & building footprints' shapefile: which type of road shapefile is suitable (polylines or polylines)? If regular shapefile not suitable in CE project, do we have to build ???road network???? Where is the road shapefile put in CE project? Any advice for editing attributes inside those 2D shapefile so that it is easy to transform into 3D?

  • With CE 2011.1, how can we set up the projection /datum (saying, UTM 35/WGS 1984) in the CE project? (As recalled, the trial version can set up initially, but couldn't find out the place to do within the release CE 2011.1. Missing something)

We expect that we can start to redesign this city with CE, once all those are imported and set up properly; and eventually we can get the 3D scene for this community featured just like ???Redesigning Paris with CityEngine???.

Any more advice on this circumstance?

One more question is: how effectively to use some of existing 3D building shapefile (multipatch) and 3D underground drainage lines shapfile (multipatch). In other word, is there any efficient way to integrate those simple 3D models into 3D scene within CE project? If yes, where should those be put so that all working seamlessly in CE?