How create a IQueryDef2 java?

Discussion created by b_lety on Mar 2, 2012
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Hi, everybody.

I want to make a query for find duplicates in a geodatabase using Java and arcobjects (Argis v10). I have the next code in Java:

public void getDuplicate(IFeatureClass fClass, Workspace wS) throws IOException{
        String field = "DLLAVE, COUNT(*) AS C";               
        String postfix = "GROUP BY DLLAVE HAVING C > 1";                
        String where = fClass.getOIDFieldName()+" IS NOT NULL";
        IFeatureWorkspace fw = wS;
        IQueryDef2 query = (IQueryDef2) fw.createQueryDef();              

        ICursor search = query.evaluate2(true);
        IRow row = search.nextRow();
        while(row != null){
            String id = (String) row.getValue(search.findField("DLLAVE"));
            String cont = (String) row.getValue(search.findField("C"));
            System.out.println("IDLLAVE: "+id);
            System.out.println("COUNT: "+cont);
            row = search.nextRow();

But.... throw the next exception:

IQueryDefProxy cannot be cast to com.esri.arcgis.geodatabase.IQueryDef2Proxy

Help me =(

Does anyone know how to get a IQueryDef2?

Note: Sorry for my english.