DTED layer in C#

Discussion created by adapena on Mar 1, 2012
Hi, I have an application in C# that uses the ArcGis (3D, spatial) to display a map and perform several simple actions to provide some (quite limited) GIS capabilities to other application (none of the apps are mine, but people who made the GIS part are not available now).
Right now, we present a raster layer to the user, but a new user (different application) wanted to add some elevation information. I have the dted files for the zone, and would like to show something alike a grayshaded/coloured layer (even better if we could also show the elevation info for the point under the cursor -something as, let's say, GlobalMapper).
Reading the (little) info and docs I found, it looks like I could open the dted file as a raster by calling the CreateFromFilePath method from the IRasterLayer interface. But when displaying the layer (now this is done the same way as a, let's say, tif file), I get a square zone with an uniform gray colour. So I don't know if the reading method is not the appropriate, or there's some additional configuration for the right insert of the layer.
Any help with this?