Standardizing addresses in Python

Discussion created by wadedrane on Feb 27, 2012
I am using arcpy.StandardizeAddresses_geocoding in python to standardize addresses. In 9.3 this command standardized my preDIR and my sufTypes as abbreviations. Now in 10.0 it is giving me the full name. This is not what I need and why is it doing this? I need N, not North. I need Rd, not Road. I have looked for help but the help says I should get the abbreviations. Whats up? Am I missing something? Any help would be nice.

The command I am using is:

arcpy.StandardizeAddresses_geocoding("J:\\psc.gdb\\PSC_temp", "ADDRESS", "US Address - Street Name", "HouseNum;PreDir;PreType;StreetName;SufType;SufDir", "J:\\psc.gdb\\PSCPre", "Static")