How to use CON function

Discussion created by dwilcoxars on Feb 27, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2013 by con_master
I have two rasters -- one is an ORIGINAL_DEM, the second has some CORRECTED_DEM elevation values and otherwise is NODATA.

What I want is to create a new raster, where the values are the CORRECTED elevation values where there are corrected elevation values, and otherwise are the original DEM values.

In the Tool, I use the following:

Input conditional raster:  CORRECTED_DEM

Expression:  I tried leaving this blank, I tried "VALUE" > 0, and I tried "VALUE" <> NULL

Input true raster:  CORRECTED_DEM

Input false raster:  ORIGINAL_DEM

In each of these cases, I get the corrected DEM values ONLY -- the rest of the values are NODATA -- that is, I'm not getting the original DEM values at all!

Thanks for any help....