ExportWebMap - dynamic layer polygon and polygon label visibility

Discussion created by ChrisMugdan on Feb 22, 2012
I am endeavouring to render dynamic layer polygons with labels using ExportWebMap. I have the following questions and issues:

How do I put labels on just the regions I want to apply themes to other than using a "where" clause in the labelingInfo? It seems quite cumbersome to have to create a huge "where" clause when I have lots of regions to apply themes to, and it may not fly if the server has limits on the size of the "where" clause. Does it have a limit? I am using a POST request.

I tried to switch off the regions I was not applying themes to by setting the default outline to transparent but this seemed to switch off all the labels (including the visible polygons) too. It did what I wanted in removing all the unwanted regions though. I can verify this behaviour just by setting the opacity to 255 in the default outline colour. Is this a bug or expected behaviour?

I can provide the JSON for this if needed, but it is rather large.

Chris Mugdan