GeometryEngine.buffer Problem

Discussion created by spoiledtechie on Feb 22, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2012 by spoiledtechie
I think we found a bug in the GeometryEngine.buffer method.    We are buffering lines, points and polygons.  The buffering seems to work and is accurate in Decimal Degrees, but it is not accurate in Miles or Meters when outputting.

Here are sure to put it in the correct spacial reference and are hopefully calculating getting the correct unit type for the buffer.  Like I said, it seems to work and is accurate in Decimal Degrees, just not Miles or Meters.

We are using this list of WKIDs for the distance portion of the calculation.


We have double and triple checked the IDs to make sure they are accurate and they as well seem to be.  So maybe the buffer method isn't completely built out yet.

I would appreciate any forward motion on this.  Thank You!