Question on querying a stand-alone table and routing

Discussion created by archanasahu on Feb 20, 2012
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Sorry  for posting following questions on 2 forums. I am desperate to know the answers as my current project rely on these questions and I am new to android development. ROUTING is the major thing I am supposed to implement for our campus. I have already developed a web application for finding route using java web-adf and network analyst extension. But, I don't find any supported API for android.

I have 2 questions on ArcGIS API for android:

1) Can I query a stand-alone table using query attribute task on android?

e.g my map service includes an EMPLOYEE (containing non-spatial data) table and BUILDING layer (spatial data) which are RELATED many-to-one (one building on a university campus has many employees--faculty and staff) . Can I query EMPLOYEE table to find which building an employee works for?

2) Once I find the building, can I show a ROUTE from one building to another on the campus map? I have a geocoding service for finding building coordinates. I have NAServer service with network analyst extension for on-campus routing too which I used for developing a web application to show route. But, is there an API for android to solve route and show direction from one building to another for campus visitors?

I am new to android application development. Any help or pointer would be highly appreciated.