generating unique id field for OLS regression

Discussion created by grastafaram on Feb 20, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2012 by grastafaram
Hi, I am trying to generate a unique id field, in ArcGIS 10, in order to run an OLS regression.  I created a new unique id field in the attribute table of the point shape file.  I then tried to generate values for it using the field calculator and the FID field (UniqueID = FID), the FID field has different values for each row.  The process begins, but half way through I get this error - " The calculated value is invalid for the row with object ID = 32768.  For example, the calculated value may be too large for the field or you may be trying to add a string to a number field.  This row will not be updated."
When I look at the unique id field after the process has run, the values go up to 9999 and then begin again at 1000.  Apparently, the field calculator is not "seeing" the entire number in the cells with more than 4 numbers, and assigns only the first 4 number in the FID field to the Unique ID field. Then at entry 32768, it begins assigning values of 0 to the Unique ID field.  There are 41,643 entries.  I tried using other fields that also have different values for each row to generate the Unique ID field, but the same problem happens.  I don't see how the calculated value could be too large for the field, and I am not trying to add a string to a number field.  I also cannot delete any of the Unique ID fields that I created in the attribute table, I tried right-clicking on the field and clicking delete to no avail.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.