Python Graphic User Interface

Discussion created by BrokenLegMike on Feb 17, 2012
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Hello everyone,

Over the last year or 2 I've become familiar with python programming within the ArcGIS environment. I'm becoming more comfortable with the language and I've been managing to write some programs outside of Arc to resolve some of my efficiencies and problems. My company mostly works with databases such as access and excel. We also use MS word extensively for report writing. I've dived into a few modules like win32, python-excel, PyWin32, etc and I've taught myself how to parse and write XML's among other things.

I'm starting to branch outside of the Arc environment and I see opportunities within my company to build some programs using python for some of my fellow employees. My question is, I want to find a good GUI outside of Arc that can be used by my co-workers to run some python programs I have built to replace some manual tasks such as data entry and data validation. I seriously don't know anything about python GUI's, so I'm looking for a bit of advice. Which GUI's are you running? Are there some out there that work in conjunction with Arc? Which ones are the easiest to use? Which ones offer the most features? Are they free or do they cost?

Thanks for any input you might have,