Data replication and file locking

Discussion created by hinesw on Feb 17, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2012 by hinesw
We are looking into replication on our data server between two of our offices. We first looked at the replication tools available within MS server but it will not replicate the .lock files. We then looked into a third party replication software (PeerCollaboration) - this product will replicate lock files but it creates ".pslock" files. ArcGIS desktop does not seen to recognize these lock files allowing users in both offices to access and edit the same layers. We have tested other software packages and they seem to recognize the pslock files (microsoft office products, Autodesk - autocad and civil3d). Any advice on realtime replication options with ArcGIS file locking or if there is a way to make ArcGIS desktop products recognize the pslock files would be appreciated.
(running MS Server 2008 R2 and ArcGIS Desktop 10).