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Update existing rows/add new rows in master table from records in second table

Question asked by MarkHuffman on Feb 13, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2012 by MarkHuffman
I have a table that is a subset of a master table representing the parcel database. This subset is created every week and contains only updated and new records, and my task is to compare that table to the master table and, if existing records have different values, update those fields, and if there are new records, add those records to the master table.

This process has up to now been done in SDE using "sdeimport -o update_else_insert." I want to avoid interacting with SDE, but will if necessary.

My plan is to use SearchCursor to read the subset and the master table, and UpdateCursor and InsertCursor to edit the master table, using the APN as the key field. First, is this the right approach? Second, can someone please provide some starting code or psuedocode to help me? I am new at Python but not at programming. Thank you.