Sample Raster Using Points - Issues with Field Names

Discussion created by pknaga on Apr 27, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2013 by sean247

I have a point dataset that I need to sample rasters with. I'd like to sample to a shapefile, as I need to to do it stepwise as I need to add columns for statistical queries, etc (as far as I know, ESRI has yet to develop a mechanism for renaming and reordering fields in attribute tables... right?).

All the tools that I can find either make you do it one at a time (Extract Raster to Points) that result in a field name of RASTERVALU, or you can do all the rasters, but it gets spit out into a text file (Sample) which gives you field names of g_g_1, etc.

I have hawths tools, but I find the results are meaningless (upon double checking, the points are not picking up the attributes of the raster pixel they fall in). As wel, it chokes on the large volume of data being processed.

Every dataset is projected in WGS84 UTM Z12N.

Work arounds? Suggestions?