another shortest route problem

Discussion created by janjanjan on Feb 10, 2012
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Hi everbody,

since I did not found sufficient information in other threads I have to adress to another problem concerning the detection of the shortest route in my polyline network.

One of the routes between two points shows a uncommon behaviour. The route itself is flawless but the network analyst did not deliver the shortest route in this network. At the end of the calculation the route takes a small turn off and from that point to the end point it measures 48km. Without that it would be 47km. I can route error-free trough the 47km segments by including EVERY vertex while measuring with the "ruler measuring tool".  Same for the 48km Segments...

Each others polylines connections and also the point feature connections with the polyline vertices are all topologically correct and there are no elevations or other restrictions in this network. Has anybody an idea?