Programmatically docking the Create Features window as a tab

Discussion created by nikki_minton on Feb 9, 2012
Does anyone know how to dock the Create Features window as a tab at the side of the map view in the same way as ArcCatalog and the search window are tabbed in Arc 10 everytime you open Arc.

I have code that programmatically opens the Create features dockable window and I can pick up the window in code and dock it at the bottom of the screen / left side etc using esriDockFlags but the esriDockFlags.esriDockTabbed doesn't seem to do anything so I think I must be missing something.

This is my code -

Dim pUid As UID = New UID
        Dim pUIDDockedWin As New UID

        pUid.Value = "esriEditor.CreateFeatureDockWinCommand" 'Create Features dockable window command
        pUIDDockedWin.Value = "esriEditor.CreateFeatureDockWin" 'the actual dockable window

        Dim pitem As ICommandItem
        pitem = g_App.Document.CommandBars.Find(pUid)

        Dim pDockableWindowsManager As IDockableWindowManager = TryCast(g_App, IDockableWindowManager)
        Dim CFWindow As IDockableWindow
        CFWindow = pDockableWindowsManager.GetDockableWindow(pUIDDockedWin)

Any help would be much appreciated