Better way to Calculate Geometry?

Discussion created by BrokenLegMike on Feb 7, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2012 by kimo
Hey everyone,

I have a point feature class that has 2 double fields (field names are EASTING and NORTHING) that I use calculate geometry to get the x.y coordinates of the points from the coordinate system of the feature class using the tool in the attribute table. The tool isn't offered in the toolbox, so I developed a quick script.

I need the coordinate values in the 2 fields for a period of time and then I have a client who wants these coordinate values changed to a different coordinate system, but they want the feature classes coordinate system to remain unchanged. I've come up with a process in python that will do this for me:

1. Re-project feature class to new coordinate system (gives new output)
2. Add X,Y coordinates to the new FC using arcpy.AddXY_management
3. Join these 2 tables based on a unique identifier field
4. Field Calculate the EASTING and NORTHING fields based on the new X,Y coordinate fields in the re-projected FC
5. Delete the interim stuff, remove join, yadda, yadda

This works fine and I have no issue with it, but I've been reading through some field calculator VB scripts and I'm wondering of there's a way you can just calculate the EASTING and NORTHING fields in a code block based on a different coordinate system, without going though all the re-projecting and joining stuff. I have quite a few point files to process, so I thought a simpler method might be out there.

Any suggestions?